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  • One YouTuber, hidden track record 35 Found the annual computer program

    Science 19:12 24.10.2019URL’yi kısaltın Bir YouTuber, 80'S rock band Prodigal's Commodore 64 employees discovered a plaque recording code. It was a method used to record frequently resorted to storing data in this way. Plaque records can be used as a great way to hide text and many artists, album in pushing the boundaries of hiding information. A rock band of the 80 Prodigal YouTube, plaque recording the Commodore 64 He revealed that hide program. 8-Bit Show And Tell +

  • A new era in WhatsApp group – Sputnik Turkey

    Science 17:55 23.10.2019URL’yi kısaltın WhatsApp Beta sürümü ile aylardır beklenen ‘Grup Gizlilik Ayarları’ Added applications. According to the news blog located at Hardware, popüler +

  • Xiaomi Mi 8 Received a discount! Now even cheaper water…

    October 22, 2019 Volkan MANAV “Kardeş sitelerimiz SamsungBurada.Net, HuaweiBurada.Net, xiaomiburada.Net and OppoBurada.Net adreslerine de girmenizi +

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