One YouTuber, hidden track record 35 Found the annual computer program


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One YouTuber, 80'S rock band Prodigal's Commodore 64 employees discovered a plaque recording code. It was a method used to record frequently resorted to storing data in this way.

Plaque records can be used as a great way to hide text and many artists, album in pushing the boundaries of hiding information. A rock band of the 80 Prodigal YouTube, plaque recording the Commodore 64 He revealed that hide program.

8-Robin Harbron owner of the channel bit Show And Tell, Prodigal’in, 1984'T told the Electric Eye album to hear that add a hidden program. Keyboardist Loyd bearing the Bold 2009 Electric Eye album of the year, the most popular computers of that time to the end of the second side of the Commodore 64 announced that a package hidden computer code that can be solved by.

According to the news from Ozan Care Webtekno Harbron, Found a copy of the album and Commodore 64 I was able to read secret messages through. After making some small changes to the pickup of the player, He tried to steal the record with the needle and the outer channel revealed a similar sound on the dial modemlerinin.

The resulting sounds, When transferred to the cassette Commodore 64 See a program that can be loaded into the system task.

Data was originally a nine lines of BASIC programs and YouTuber, After making arrangements carefully with old-fashioned technology and unseen for years it has managed to uncover some hidden messages.

As a result of Albert Einstein and the Prophet. Excerpts from Jesus appeared. Really worth the effort, if not finding many people still come to this kind of data can be stored to record interesting.

Previously discovered similar messages. Information Society, 1992 In Peace And Love Inc. released an album called. The last song of the plate, ‘300bps N, 8, 1’ It was a collection of modem tones.

When the code is solved, The group reportedly held hostage by the Brazilian government was telling the bizarre story. Yine Radiohead, 2017'Gave the fans a program for Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Program, users being loaded into a ZX Spectrumu referring to a fictional company's website and has access to a video game QR code reveals.