To use the Wi-Fi connection with Google services'll Stadium

Cloud-based game streaming services, The technology of the future It seems poised to become one. Several companies are investing seriously on this issue and one of them Google.

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Initially, you'll have Wi-Fi

Google, Stadia Google cloud-based service 19 November 2019 It said it will make available on. History nears, details began to emerge about the new system, and one of them is to use a Google service Stadia Wi-Fi ağına Will need to be connected. Because Google's hardware chief Rick Osterloh The Verge spoke to the sites involved.

According to Osterloh description Google Stadia Wi-Fi connection will be needed to operate the service. the Company mobile connection and it says it will also provide support in the first place but will have Wi-Fi essential to avoid any problems in the operation of the game can say. Google's recommended minimum speed of the 10 Mbps It is stated that.

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