LG's Foldable Phone Patent Revealed

Foldable spoken quite as smart phones from LG came in second dönemlerdeyk the patent application.

LG's new patent may be coming out with a foldable OLED display includes smartphones. Again this month that a foldable patent application for smart phones LG, This time is called something quite different if only because such a foldable smartphone patent application has not been done before.

LG According to the new patent application; He wants to go quite out of the ordinary smart phone design. LG's new patent having a screen such as paper, a foldable two main blocks embedded in the OLED display includes. LG's design can be called radical nature, It seems to loom large over the future of the world's smart phone.

LG's new smartphone foldable design in total 3 part with screen. When it opened a portion of the screen that can be used smartphone, 3 section becomes quite large when it opened nearly a tablet. Located in a display portion is folded into the screen, Provide notification to the user as necessary controls and shortcuts.

Source : https://www.notebookcheck.net/New-LG-patent-shows-rollable-smartphone-tablet-concept.387636.0.html